April 25, 2019
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  • Shifted to Bangalore and in need of funds? A personal loan can help

Shifted to Bangalore and in need of funds? A personal loan can help

  • by Baron Angus
  • 9 Months ago
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Bangalore is variously described as the ‘Garden City of India’ and the ‘Silicon Valley of India.’ No wonder then that many corporate houses shifted base to Bangalore. With a population in excess of 10 million, Bangalore is the place for youngsters to make their life just as Mumbai was the place to move into for those who aspired for stardom through Bollywood.

There are immense opportunities for youngsters in almost any field – IT, technology, aerospace, defence, public sector, films, art, literature, politics and startups. The beauty about Bangalore is that it is among most cosmopolitan cities in India. It attracts people not only from the hinterland of Karnataka but also from all over India.

The city is growing rapidly so much so that it hosts smaller cities in its extensions within the larger city. Thus, the city is perhaps the most vibrant and happening city in India made possible by its exuberant and aspiring young population.In such a scenario youngsters want to have a good time and make their life secure in the city. The city offers many opportunities for enjoying life to the fullest and youngsters lap up the opportunities gleefully.

Well, making a life comes with a price. Where do you find funds when you want them quickly? This is where lenders such as Tata Capital pitch in to offer easy to avail personal loans.

You can apply for a personal loan for almost any requirement. It could be to celebrate a wedding, to take a vacation, to put your child through college or even a sudden medical emergency. Whatever it be, Tata Capital in Bangalore can help you to address your needs through timely personal loans.Apply for personal loans in 3 easy steps

You can apply for a personal loan online and obtain approval instantly. All you have to do is click on the ‘Apply now’ button and enter information pertaining to your identity, residence, contact details, employment status, earning capacity and the current EMIs you pay on existing loans. The webpage will then indicate the amount of loan you are eligible for. If you are okay with the proposal you can then apply for the personal loan online. You can then visit any of the two branches to complete your loan formalities.

Features of personal loans

There are many features of the personal loan that you must understand before you apply for the loan. Let’s see what these are.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan

The personal loan is an unsecured loan without any need for collateral security. You get the loan based on your income, employment status and creditworthiness including a good credit score. You can also get a personal loan without a good credit score but terms would be more stringent including a higher rate of interest.Eligibility

There are separate Personal Loan eligibility criteria depending on your employment status – salaried employee, self-employed business person, self-employed professional.

Personal loan interest rates

The personal loan interest rates vary from 11.49% to 19% depending on a variety of factors. You can bargain for lower personal loan interest rates if your credentials are exemplary.

Personal Loan tenure

You can take the personal loan with tenures that range from a few months up to 72 months depending on your employment status. The more secure your stream of income is you can opt for a higher tenure.

Choice of EMI

You can choose how you want to repay your personal loan. You have a choice of four EMI options – constant EMI, step up flexi EMI, step down flexi EMI and bullet flexi EMI.Personal loan documents

You have to submit personal loan documents that are necessary to prove your identity, age, income, employment, business continuity, bank statement and ITRs. These are typical personal loan documents which establish your credentials through various statutory authorities.

Bangalore, being a city in a hurry inhabited by impatient youngsters, offers personal loans to meet their aspirations. The online facility is what youngsters look for. If you are in a hurry to avail a personal loan at the lowest possible personal loan interest rates submitting the required personal loan documents you would do well to avail personal loans from a lender like Tata Capital in Bangalore.

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