March 28, 2018

Here’s what you must know About Ethereum!

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If you have heard about cryptocurrencies, you must have heard about blockchain, bitcoin and Ethereum. Now, there are a bunch of cryptocurrencies out there, and while bitcoin remains the most popular one among all, Ethereum is a good second option. The token of Ethereum – called the ‘ether’- has certain similarities to that of bitcoin. Just like bitcoin, transactions related to buying and selling of ether is handled and recorded on the blockchain, and yes, it is completely decentralized, which means there are no additional requirements or confirmation needed to complete and validate such transactions. Here are some of the other things worth knowing about Ethereum.

Why is Ethereum important?

Cryptocurrencies have changed the way people look at money. Currencies are usually influenced by several factors, including economic turmoil, political moves, war, and natural calamities. Also, currency transactions done online must be validated by a bank or any third party. In simpler words, when you initiate a transaction on your credit card, your bank must validate it for the transaction to succeed. Ethereum, bitcoin and all other similar cryptocurrencies don’t need the same. These use the blockchain technology, which is a public network, and that means that the transactions free from any additional intervention from any third party.


Knowing the difference with bitcoin

Ethereum and bitcoin do have a few similarities, but the goals are as different as you can imagine. Bitcoin, at its best, is a digital currency, while Ethereum is a platform, where people can use the token Ether to create applications and complete smart contracts. Smart contracts, for the uninitiated, are like ‘if-then’ contracts. If a set of conditions as created by the creator is met, the contract terms will be carried out on the blockchain network. Everything is recorded on each computer of the network, which make the transaction tamper proof.

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